When you ask people whether having a good social network is important for both personal life and business, the answer is almost the same and fast: yes, they are. But when it comes to the reason, some of them take a few moments to answer. There are even people who can’t grasp a concrete explanation as to why social media is hard to stay away from.

Communication has always been important

There isn’t a single moment throughout human history where communication is not important. As individualistic as people can get today, they are also subjected to the attractions social media has to provide. Social pressure demands that you have the same social media app like your friends just so you can join in their group chat. Gamers have Discord to enhance their online gaming life.

Celebrities have Instagram to keep people updated on their activities and artists love to upload their works on Instagram or DeviantArt. Why do you need to upload them? Companies have marketing reasons, people have social needs to fulfill to the point that some will spend hours a day checking their social media.

Business: everyone is using it

The annual spending companies invest in advertising is astronomical. Unsurprisingly, however, social media is one of the most effective and cheap methods of advertising that every company can do. That is because everyone else is using the same platform and without having to figure out where to put out your flyer, the system helps you advertise based on their database.

It doesn’t even have to be contents for hard-selling purposes – if you simply reply to people’s questions or requests, you are already doing a great job with it.

Getting your opinion out

There is no widely more accepted platform in the world than social media apps. You can get your opinions voiced out easily while you don’t have to worry about the direct repercussions.