It can’t be doubted that each one of us owns a sort of social media application that allows us to connect with our friends and family members. 20 years ago, people use their phones to call and text from time to time, but these days, you can’t go through a single day without taking at least 20 looks on your phone just to check for messages.

It’s more than just 20 times a day

For some people, they check for their emails almost every hour and is on other social media apps for at least hours a day. We sometimes can’t stop scrolling through our Facebook while checking so many pages or seeing new uploads on Instagram.

Sense of belonging

We strive to find something or someone we can connect to. The Internet has made it extremely easy to find pages, groups,and people from all over the world. But being connected is not enough because we seek something deeper and higher – we want to belong. And that is why we comment on videos, retweet and leave reactions to status or uploads. At the same time, we expect reactions from others to strengthen our sense of belonging.

It becomes addictive when you find many people crowding in on your status or likes your comment or uploads. You also love it when that celebgram replies or notices your comments or replies.

You feel like yourself

In the virtual world, nobody is really anybody. You can be someone completely different and there will be people who accept you. While there can also be harsh comments from haters, it can also be a place filled with like-minded people who also don’t have a place to express themselves.

On the other hand, you sometimes don’t care if people care about it. What matters is that you have uploaded something that people will eventually see.