Social media is so common nowadays you can barely meet anyone who doesn’t own a Facebook, Twitter or even Whatsapp account. It’s not just a media to hang out with friends because even workplaces have made owning these things important. Because of this fact, with the right social media skills, you can become a celebrity, an effective marketer or customer support for a brand!

Be a person

People don’t feel close to a social media account that comes with behaviors that resemble a bot. Even when it’s actually you writing a formal message on it. If you want your social media to be noticed and enjoyable, personalize the brand and speak like an actual human being. This is one of the strongest points from Wendy’s official Twitter account which has been known for their ‘roasting’ skills.

Answer questions and give feedback

When people mention you, don’t just brush it off as a fan trying to get your attention. You need those customers and your positive reactions will become an important determinant in creating a great experience with your brand. Instead of simply relaying the same message and computer-generated replies, do actually read their complaints, questions and answer like a human being.

Regular, high-quality uploads

People are living in a world full of dynamics today thanks to the Internet. News spreads really fast and it’s really vital for everyone who works in the industry to immediately be updated about it. Using these materials, you need to be quick in uploading your brand’s opinions regarding the news. Even if you choose not to take a side, keep your followers updated regarding the issue. Staying quiet will only bring more questions from people and eventually, you have to say something.

There are also times when not much is going on in the world. Which is why you need to always have ideas backed up in your mind to use to keep your account going.